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Home Aluminum IP68 Waterproof Standalone RFID Access Control Keypad with Wifi Tuya APP metal Key Access controler 2000User

1. Aluminum alloy metal shell and metal Key buttons for better protection. The excellent design, surface IP68 waterproof Grade keyboard, silver plating, fashion style.

2. The multi-function equipment.

3. The high and low temperature environment to use, surface waterproof.

4. The storage capacity of 2000 user card, 2000 user password.

5. Unlock ways: Tuya App,Temporary Password,125Khz EM card, password. Card + password Combine Unlock.

6. Ultra-low power consumption: Standby current is less than 50 ma.

7. Keyboard: Be able to operate the keyboard.

8. Large capacity of users: support 2000 users.

9. Independent password (4 digitals).

10. Change password: The user can modify the code itself.

11. Identify speed: Swipe to open the door of time is less than 0.1 S.

12. Weigand26/34 output/ input (can connect a card reader and as a reader)

13. With bell,alarm button Alarm function and time delay function Programmable lock strike release time (1-255s adjustable).

14.With lock relay output, secure / normal Mode, NO / NC output

15. Auxiliary Modes including : door ajar, forced door, shunt, door monitor, normal / secure

16.Internal buzzer

17.2 status / programming interface LED'S

18.2 modes of operation : normal mode, secure mode

19.3 user levers : normal user, secure user, master user

20.Code search feature that helps make maintaining user codes easier

21.Built-in case and back tamper bell, chime, siren, battery backup, tamper output features available with IBA power supplies

22.Programmable siren time